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Democrat Candidate Jeremy McPike Fired African American Whistleblower

September 16th, 2013

On August 3, 2011, Alexandria Director of General Services Jeremy McPike fired Henry Lewis, the Senior Project Manager for a new Alexandria Police Facility, one of the largest construction projects ever funded by the city.  The reason for the firing and the resulting lawsuit has received growing attention over the last year.

The project was rolling well under Henry Lewis’s supervision until Jeremy McPike became more involved in directing the construction project.

As McPike took the reins, Lewis started to notice that Whiting-Turner, the contractor, began submitting suspect invoices for materials stored off-site which hadn’t been verified to actually exist.  They started to bill extra for work that should have been covered by the original contract.

McPike became actively involved in approving these invoices for phantom materials—totaling over $2 million.

One of the invoices that Lewis questioned was for a substantial sum of money and had been post-dated by McPikea week in the future. But time and again, Lewis’ concerns were silenced and McPike approved invoices and change orders over his project manager’s professional objections.

Other problems which Lewis tried to alert people about included wooden trusses delivered covered in mold and warped.

Alerting people to the misuse of taxpayer money did not make McPike happy.  When Henry Lewis refused to resign, McPike fired him.  This was in spite of Lewis’s outstanding work evaluations and long distinguished career as an architect.

Henry Lewis sued Jeremy McPike and the City of Alexandria, and in March of this year was awarded $450,000.00.

Ironically, while that lawsuit was still in court, Jeremy McPike was kicking off his campaign for House of Delegates.

You would think that Democrats would check if someone was being sued before supporting them for office.  It’s astonishing that they would support Jeremy McPike after he fired someone who exposed his corruption.  Corruption and firing whistleblowers should not lead to promotion, but apparently in the Democrat Party of Virginia it does.

Now that they are stuck with McPike, what they desperately don’t want you to know is that Henry Lewis is an African American.  Henry Lewis graduated from Howard University in 1977, and has had a long and distinguished career as an architect.

If a Republican fired an African American who was exposing corruption, that Republican would be infamous across the state.  However, because the liberal media need to further the myth that Republicans hate minorities while Democrats help and support them, they have yet to touch this story.

When you selectively feign outrage, and refuse to cover stories, it is easy to paint a narrative.

The next time a Democrat tells you about the Republican minority problem, ask them why they recruit corrupt candidates who fire African American whistleblowers.

The next time the Washington Post runs a story on corrupt Republicans doing crazy things, remember, this is the same paper who refuses to cover a major corruption story in their own backyard.

Is this the kind of delegate Terry McAuliffe wants on his team?

When Democrat leaders will compare Cuccinelli, who fought tirelessly to undo a wrongful conviction of an African American, to George Wallace, you know that for them race is simply a tool to bash Republicans, not something they truly care about.

Corey Stewart Continues to Skirt the Law in Upcoming Jackson Attacks

May 14th, 2013

In March we had two waves of anonymous attacks on Scott Lingamfelter followed by some anonymous attacks on Snyder which Jim Riley rather convincingly tied to Stewart.  The beginning of this month two sets of mailers went out under the name of a defunct group named Virginians for Limited Government, attacking many of the candidates and promoting Stewart.  In this situation it was obvious who the mailers were from, and the anonymous attacks continued.  Breitbart ran an article highlighting the highly questionable legality of the Virginians for Limited Government attack pieces.

Now, this is something important to remember, the only people with original access to the addresses, phone numbers, and emails of convention delegates are the campaigns.  So any third party groups contacting convention delegates got their list from a campaign.

Over the weekend, Stewart’s newest line of attack was revealed.  He sees E.W. Jackson as a threat, and has been trying to get people to attack E.W. based on his past bankruptcies.

On Saturday morning I was contacted by a reporter about a document of opposition research he had received about E.W. Jackson’s financial history.  From the email and the properties document on the file, it was clear that this document was created Friday morning, May 10, and forwarded to the reporter.  When I talked to the reporter, I immediately asked if he got the research from Corey, he admitted that he did when I pressed him.

That afternoon, I received an anonymous email from a vatruthsquad2000@gmail.com which released another document of information about tax information on Jackson.  Besides the content, the email also caught my eye because, while it is a different address, it has the same moniker as the vile anti-Stimpson email sent out at the beginning of the month.

As I started researching the Stewart campaigns effort to discredit Jackson based on his financial history, I discovered something even more disturbing. Multiple sources confirmed to me that over the weekend Corey Stewart personally contacted third party groups offering to pay the $12,000.00 if they would send out a $10,000.00 mailer to the convention delegates attacking E.W. for his financial history.  While I am told, that Stewart was turned down by some, I am also told he eventually found someone who agreed.  If you find an anonymous mailer in your mailbox right before the convention, or even after the convention, if the mailer gets stuck in the mail, you will know who it is from.

While I both trust my sources, and generally hate anonymous blog commenters,  I find it interesting that while I was working on verifying sources for this article, an anonymous commenter named, TheGipper, started posting essentially the same story on multiple blogs.

I won’t attempt to be a state campaign law expert, but it sure seems like what Corey has been doing with the anonymous videos/calls, the VLG mailer, and the Jackson attack line is skirting the law.  Virginia’s campaign finance system is built on unlimited money but absolute transparency in disclosing expenditures and donors.  When organizations and campaigns are working hard to conceal donors and expenditures, it sure seems like they are undermining the purpose and premise of the state’s campaign finance system.

Scott Lingamfelter is a Man of Character and Conviction

May 12th, 2013

A couple weeks ago, I attended a Democrat candidate forum.  Astonishingly in Northern Virginia, Scott Lingamfelter is more despised by Liberals than Ken Cuccinelli is.  While every candidate made it clear that they disliked the Attorney General, the hisses and cat calls at the mention of the name “Scott Lingamfelter” were shocking.  They know him as someone who fights aggressively for conservative principles.

Scott Lingamfelter is a man of conviction, and his unapologetic fight for conservative principles is what makes liberals hate him, independent support him, and conservative like myself excited to vote for him this coming Saturday.

I grew up tracking legislation in the VA General Assembly, and noticed early on that Scott regularly sponsored or cosponsored legislation I supported.  In 2011, I had the opportunity to work with Scott when I worked on Jeff Frederick’s campaign.  Scott is a man of incredible loyalty.  When he told Jeff he supported him, he didn’t just offer an endorsement quote, he did everything he could to help Jeff win a crucial race.  I also had the opportunity to view him up close and was impressed by his view of the role of government, his understanding of state issues, and his strategic and aggressive approach to campaigning.

His loyalty and record is why almost every conservative leader in Prince William County is supporting Scott.  They know he is a man of integrity, and a conservative with strong convictions.

It is impossible for anyone to have a record of public service that everyone will agree with 100%, but when viewed as a whole, Scott’s record is that of a conservative warrior.  Scott is the leader in the House of Delegates on the 2nd Amendment.  He is unashamedly pro-life and believes in the importance of traditional marriage.  He is one of the House leaders on school choice.  He is constantly looking for ways to make government more efficient, this is why he introduced the bill to audit VDOT.

Did I mention that when Republicans wanted to restrict a farmers right to use their own land, he fought hard this last session against the establishment for private property owners?  Scott’s committed fight for conservative principles is why conservative leaders like Brenda Pogge, and Dick Black are standing with Scott.

Scott Lingamfelter is a natural born leader, having served in the General Assembly for 12 years he has been the go to guy when it comes to protecting out 2nd Amendment rights. Scott spent considerable time protecting all of our God-given rights during a career in the Army that spanned 28 years! As a matter of fact, former Congressmen Colonel Allen West said, “I would have followed that man to theends of the earth.” Allen West served under Scott’s command and has personally endorsed him! I’ve known Scott for 10 years and have served in the House of Delegates with him for 6 years. He sits behind me and I know that he always “has my back.” In the “Amen Corner” of the chamber where he and I sit we call him “The Colonel.” He is a bulldog and I literally can see Scott Lingamfelter presiding over the Senate more than any other candidate for Lieutenant Governor. ~Brenda Pogge

You should listen to other people who have worked with Scott over the years.

While he has had to respond to some of the underhanded negative attacks leveled at him, as a man of character, Scott has run a clean issues driven race.

He is a campaigner who gets Democrats and independents to vote for him.  He sticks unwaveringly to his convictions, and understands how to lead.  I look forward to supporting Scott Lingamfelter as LG and I hope you will join me on Saturday.

The Anonymous Attacks on Scott Lingamfelter Continue

March 26th, 2013

Last week Thursday I received a robocall attacking Scott Lingamfelter on taxes.  Today, I received another call from the same group and same phone number.

This time the call attacks Scott for taking money from liberal groups like the Virginia Education Association, and the Trial Lawyers Association.  (For anyone who doesn’t know how Richmond works, large lobbyists give money to practically every incumbent in Richmond.)  To insinuate Lingamfelter is weak on education reform is ridiculous as he has been doing more on that issue in the House of Delegates than most.

With two calls out, it is now clear that whoever is behind these calls has money to burn.  While this race is expected to get nasty in the coming weeks, it is interesting that the first person the campaigns feel like attacking is Lingamfelter.  I wonder if that is an indicator that internally, at least that campaign thinks he is at the front of the pack.

Few things are as dirty as anonymous attacks that are from an organization no one knows about, or can find online.  Following last week’s call, I heard theories connecting the call to four different campaigns.  If anyone has any solid proof on who is behind them, I would love to know.

The call was authorized by Committee for Growth and Opportunity.  The phone number they call from is (571) 234-5931.

2013 VA State Convention Poll

March 9th, 2013

There have been a number of polls taken on the LG race.  However, with a 7 person race, it is important to figure out more than just who people’s front runners are.  Please take a moment and fill out the following poll and share it with your friends.  I’m trying to get a more in depth handle on the race.  I’ll be sure to post a very thorough analysis of the poll afterwards.  I will hold it open for two weeks.

Stimpson Campaign: Attacking Those Who Question Their Narrative

February 18th, 2013

Last night I posted an article questioning Susan Stimpson’s anti-establishment credentials.  I’ve been highly critical of both Susan Stimpson, and Pete Snyder on my facebook profile as I question whether they really are what they claim to be.  To Pete Snyder’s credit, when I was at the Sterling forum, he came to me and said, “I’ve seen your posts about me on facebook.  Thanks for keeping me honest.”  We had a good time interacting throughout that evening.  Seeing a candidate not take criticism personally, was refreshing.

Stimpson’s response to criticism is quite the opposite.  While one of her supporters was willing to respond good naturedly, her Campaign Director, Scott Hirons, believed it was better to attack my maturity and motivation, than engage in a discussion and respond to the questions.  I’d love to have begun a discussion on whether Stimpson was the anti-establishment candidate, and if I’m wrong I’d love to see the proof.  Instead the campaign has sent a clear message, we don’t set the record straight, we just impugn our critics.  I’d love to see how that strategy works in the general election.

This thin skinned response by the campaign is reminiscent of the incredibly condescending way in which she spoke at the candidate forum in Sterling last week.  She spoke as if the audience agreed with her that she was the one who got it, while everyone else was flawed.  She also seemed to start every response to a question with a jab at whoever had just spoken.

Maybe in this post Scott Hirons, Stimpson’s Campaign Director, wasn’t speaking for the campaign, but for himself.  This is understandable, because maybe the post hit a little close to home for him.  You see, his Linkedin account states the following…

Yes, Bill Howell is the Speaker of the House…  Quite possibly he was upset, I would write something that seemed to go after his former boss.

This however, only further highlights the Stimpson/Howell connection, that Stimpson supporters try to deny.  Stimpson owes her seat to Howell, works hand in hand with him, and his former Director of Communications directs her campaign, but her supporters would have you believe Lingamfelter is really the one in bed with Bill Howell.  Some connections are just a bit too hard to deny.

Either Stimpson’s campaign is incredibly thin skinned, or it has an undisciplined campaign manager who highlights the Stimpson/Howell connection.  Either one is not good news for the Stimpson campaign moving forward.  Let’s see what results from these approaches as the nomination process continues, or when the papers start questioning her should she win the nomination.

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