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Prince William County Republicans Oppose McDonnell/Howell Tax Increase

February 26th, 2013

Last night at the regularly scheduled Prince William County Republican Committee meeting February 25, 2013 the following resolution was introduced by Bob Fitzsimmonds and passed unanimously by the membership.  This followed Mark Obenshain, Bob Marshall, and Rich Anderson all explaining to the committee why they opposed to the bill.  The committee was packed with outraged conservatives.  Let’s all continue to make our voices heard in whatever way possible.

Full text below:

Resolution Opposing HB 2313 – Revenues and Appropriations of State Prince William County Republican Committee

Whereas, The Republican Party is the party of fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraint, and

Whereas, taxes in the Commonwealth are already unnecessarily high, and

Whereas, we are in the 5th year of a national economic crisis that shows no signs of long term recovery, and

Whereas, the federal government, under the leadership of President Obama, is waging economic war on businesses and families; proposing higher federal taxes and additional job killing regulations, and

Whereas, these same businesses and families are existing under the uncertainty of continued government “negotiations” on sequestration;

Now therefore, be it resolved that we call upon the General Assembly and Governor Robert McDonnell to foreswear any and all tax increases, either for supposed transportation solutions or for any other matter that might come before them.

Be it further resolved that we call upon Governor Robert McDonnell to veto HB2313 or to amend it in such a way that all tax changes be revenue neutral and that any anticipated revenues be directed to transportation in the localities where they are raised and not to the General Fund of the Commonwealth.

The Committee thanks our Representatives who opposed the massive tax hike; Senators Dick Black and Richard Stuart and Delegates Richard Anderson, Tim Hugo, Scott Lingamfelter, Bob Marshall, Jackson Miller, and David Ramadan.

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Religion and Politics from a Young Christian in Northern Virginia