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Corey Stewart: “I’m Not A Witch” ..or Drunk or…

May 4th, 2013

Today was Corey Stewart’s day of denials.  Instead of being effective, it put him in the company of Christine O’Donnell.  Today I received an email from Corey Stewart in which he wanted everyone to know he isn’t a drunkard.

“I’ve had ridiculous claims made against me before. False accusations are what some political operatives rely on when they lack a positive agenda and real ideas. But even I was a little surprised at being called a drunk Catholic. Yes, I am a Catholic. No, I’m not a drunk Catholic.

In fact, let’s clear the air: I’ve never been on the wrong side of the law. I’m happily married with two great sons. My life’s record as an employee and an employer is unblemished. And, while I have compassion for those who struggle with addictions, I’ve never undergone treatment for alcohol or drugs. There’s no place in Virginia politics for the kind of false personal attacks that have been leveled at me in recent days.”

First rule of politics, is not to talk about things you want ignored.  Like Christine O’Donnell, who told us “I’m not a witch,” now we all know Corey Stewart “isn’t” a drunkard.

Honestly Corey’s denial of what everyone in Prince William County already knows rings as true as his denial of the anonymous attacks.  You see, Virginians are seeing through the lies that make up Corey’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor, and it seem like he is becoming unhinged.

Read the full email to see him deny all at once, almost every allegation thrown against him including meeting Monica Lewinsky and traveling to Argentina.

(As an aside it is interesting he doesn’t deny being behind the anonymous attacks.  He probably doesn’t want to lie about that too many times.)

Honestly, Corey’s denials and senseless attacks on others are so bad, it’s almost like he is trying to abort his own campaign.

UPDATE: Some have been saying that I am attacking Corey Stewart for being drunk.  Those people probably didn’t take the time to read this post.  What happened was an anonymous email that I have yet to see was sent out sharing what many in Northern Virginia have seen for years, Corey has a propensity for getting drunk and while intoxicated doing and saying embarrassing things.  In response to this and many other allegations, Corey sent an email entitled “We Saw It Coming” in which he takes paragraphs to tell everyone that he doesn’t get drunk.  I am not in any way arguing that Corey has done anything illegal, but the idea that Corey sent an email to deny getting drunk is worth many a laugh.

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Religion and Politics from a Young Christian in Northern Virginia