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Scott Lingamfelter is a Man of Character and Conviction

May 12th, 2013

A couple weeks ago, I attended a Democrat candidate forum.  Astonishingly in Northern Virginia, Scott Lingamfelter is more despised by Liberals than Ken Cuccinelli is.  While every candidate made it clear that they disliked the Attorney General, the hisses and cat calls at the mention of the name “Scott Lingamfelter” were shocking.  They know him as someone who fights aggressively for conservative principles.

Scott Lingamfelter is a man of conviction, and his unapologetic fight for conservative principles is what makes liberals hate him, independent support him, and conservative like myself excited to vote for him this coming Saturday.

I grew up tracking legislation in the VA General Assembly, and noticed early on that Scott regularly sponsored or cosponsored legislation I supported.  In 2011, I had the opportunity to work with Scott when I worked on Jeff Frederick’s campaign.  Scott is a man of incredible loyalty.  When he told Jeff he supported him, he didn’t just offer an endorsement quote, he did everything he could to help Jeff win a crucial race.  I also had the opportunity to view him up close and was impressed by his view of the role of government, his understanding of state issues, and his strategic and aggressive approach to campaigning.

His loyalty and record is why almost every conservative leader in Prince William County is supporting Scott.  They know he is a man of integrity, and a conservative with strong convictions.

It is impossible for anyone to have a record of public service that everyone will agree with 100%, but when viewed as a whole, Scott’s record is that of a conservative warrior.  Scott is the leader in the House of Delegates on the 2nd Amendment.  He is unashamedly pro-life and believes in the importance of traditional marriage.  He is one of the House leaders on school choice.  He is constantly looking for ways to make government more efficient, this is why he introduced the bill to audit VDOT.

Did I mention that when Republicans wanted to restrict a farmers right to use their own land, he fought hard this last session against the establishment for private property owners?  Scott’s committed fight for conservative principles is why conservative leaders like Brenda Pogge, and Dick Black are standing with Scott.

Scott Lingamfelter is a natural born leader, having served in the General Assembly for 12 years he has been the go to guy when it comes to protecting out 2nd Amendment rights. Scott spent considerable time protecting all of our God-given rights during a career in the Army that spanned 28 years! As a matter of fact, former Congressmen Colonel Allen West said, “I would have followed that man to theends of the earth.” Allen West served under Scott’s command and has personally endorsed him! I’ve known Scott for 10 years and have served in the House of Delegates with him for 6 years. He sits behind me and I know that he always “has my back.” In the “Amen Corner” of the chamber where he and I sit we call him “The Colonel.” He is a bulldog and I literally can see Scott Lingamfelter presiding over the Senate more than any other candidate for Lieutenant Governor. ~Brenda Pogge

You should listen to other people who have worked with Scott over the years.

While he has had to respond to some of the underhanded negative attacks leveled at him, as a man of character, Scott has run a clean issues driven race.

He is a campaigner who gets Democrats and independents to vote for him.  He sticks unwaveringly to his convictions, and understands how to lead.  I look forward to supporting Scott Lingamfelter as LG and I hope you will join me on Saturday.

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Religion and Politics from a Young Christian in Northern Virginia