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Susan Stimpson: Bill Howell’s Partner in Leadership

March 6th, 2013

Earlier I wrote an article asking how Stimpson could claim to be anti-establishment when she is close to Howell and Allen.  Some people replied that a picture with Howell doesn’t prove the two are close.  You know, people get their pictures taken with other politicians all the time.

It seems that picture with Howell, was more like a photo shoot, that was used for a joint mailer in the Spring of 2012.  The following pictures are scans of a mailer Howell and Stimpson authorized together which makes it clear that they have a close political relationship.

A flyer like this sure isn’t cheap.  It uses phrases like “Bill Howell and Susan Stimpson Stafford’s leadership team,” “As Stafford County’s leadership team, Bill Howell and Susan Stimpson are working together…,” and “Delegate Bill Howell and Supervisor Susan Stimpson, Virginia and Stafford County: Moving Forward together.”  A joint flyer sent when their is no upcoming election shows just how close the two elected officials are.  There is no reason to send a flyer like this unless they were both very close and wanted to make it clear to everyone.

Also this is the same Bill Howell who recently pushed through a massive tax increase.  This mailer was also created at the same time frame when Bill Howell was making it clear that Delegates should refrain from introducing bills dealing with social issues in the following session of the General Assembly.

If Stimpson works hard to make it clear she is Howell’s governing ally, maybe she will be part of Howell’s governing team if we elect her to Richmond.  Stimpson worked hard to make it clear that she is Howell’s teammate in governing.  I’ll believe her.

Now, maybe Stimpson wanted to send out a joint mailer with Howell when neither was running for office, even though she disagrees strongly with him.  Politicians do that all the time…. Or maybe not….

I decided I would see if there was a financial connection between Stimpson and Howell.  What I found on VPAP was shocking.  Bill Howell made a $6,191 in-kind donation paying for a mailing, endorsement piece, media purchase, and door hangers.  More than that he let Stimpson borrow Howell’s campaign manager, an in-kind donation worth $8,000.  Yes, Bill Howell hired a campaign manager, and then had him spend most of his time running Stimpson’s campaign in order to get her elected to the Board of Supervisors.  Politicians only share staff with someone they are very close to.  Sharing a campaign manager is as close as any two people can be.  For someone who won her seat with 50.07% of the vote, she practically owes her seat to Bill Howell’s support.  It also shows that they had an incredibly close relationship before she was ever an elected official.

If you believe that someone who goes out of her way to tell people she is Howell’s partner, and owes her seat to Howell will stand up to him…. Well I have some ocean front property for you in Arizona.


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  • Cookie Monster
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  • Dean Fetterolf

    Check Stimpson’s campaign finance records. You will see that Howell gave her a total of nearly $30,000. And she just burned that bridge with her recent attacks.

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  • Chiswald

    Just watched Susan Stimpson facing a room full of disheartened Stafford County Educators fed up with her balancing the budget on their backs. These poor teachers (literally and figuratively) made compelling arguments in favor of funding education. The teachers have not had the step increases they were promised, and are actually making less money and teaching larger classes each year. Stimpson likes to demonize the “teacher unions” which is totally disingenous, since Virginia is a right to work state that prohibits teacher unions and collective bargaining, but that doesn’t stop her from making these bogus claims. As teacher after teacher spoke, making excellent points about how hypocritical she is to claim she supports education while not funding it, they received applause. Stimpson’s response was to forbid clapping, claiming it was “against the rules.” She seemed very uncomfortable and flustered. Stimpson does great when she is amongst fellow conservatives who despise public education, but in a general election where all of Virginia votes, she doesn’t stand a chance. But then again, if there’s a chance of getting her out of Stafford County by voting her into the Lieutenant Governor’s office, she might just get my vote!

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