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Mark Dudenhefer’s Opponent Michael Futrell is a Plagiarizer

March 12th, 2013

The Democrats have a strong field of candidates this year. In a competitive race for the 2nd district between Mark Dudenhefer and Michael Futrell. The best person they can field is a plagiarizer.  His education section on the issues page of his website is a direct copy of the Del. Toscano’s page, the House Minority Leader.  Michael Futrell was such a bad plagiarizer, he couldn’t even remove the references to Albermarle and Charlottesville in the page.

While I strongly disagree with Dudenhefer on his transportation vote, I would much rather have someone who can think for himself in the House of Delegates. Dudenhefer has a long record as a member of the Stafford Board of Supervisors,  and has a thorough understanding of the key issues.  He doesn’t have to just copy other people’s opinions.  He thoroughly understands the issues because of his experience as a supervisor, and now a delegate.  I’m pretty sure the 2nd District wants someone who will represent Prince William and Stafford Counties, not Albermarle and Charlottesville.

Michael Futrell is challenging Mark Dudenhefer for the 2nd House District. It is a district that runs from Stafford up along Western Prince William County.

P.S. Later he again refers to Albermarle and Charlottesville.  He also claims to be a teacher, but has no idea for how long.

  • Susan Sili

    Mark Dudenhefer is one of the most valuable members of the House of Delegates and area Republicans even those not in his district should help make sure he returns to the General Assembly. His knowledge of local government and super successful tenure, with his nose to the conservative grindstone on the Stafford Board of Supervisors gave him the ideal skill set from the ground floor up. We like him in Caroline because he was a team player with Republican Board members here, a rarity believe me in local government where there is no accountability at this level if you run as a Republican. This kind of attitude helps to bond conservatives together county to county. He has also been a friend to Republicans here since his election to the GA.

  • http://virginiavirtucon.wordpress.com/ Jim Riley

    I am proud to have Mark as my delegate in eastern PWC and gladly support his reelection.

  • http://virginiavirtucon.wordpress.com Steve Albertson

    Jim, that holds for us down in Stafford as well. We’re lucky to have Mark. Can’t wait to see him send this Futrell clown packing.

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  • discard HOAs

    Mark Dudenhefer selected himself as the Chairmain of the 2011 Redistricting Committee while Chairman of the Stafford County Board Of Supervisors (BOS) which is truly a “conflict of interest”! His district only grew 4% in population according to the 2010 census, yet he proceeded to “individually” draw the lines for redistricting resulting in a party line vote of 5-2 for the seven (7) gerrymandered districts in place today. In addition, there are only five (5) high schools in Stafford County and redistricting kept the existing seven (7) School Board members in place! Who is your School Board member? After spending thirty (30) years in socialism (USMC) and his time on the BOS, it is quite apparent as to why he is so comfortable with “REAGANOMICS” and simply afraid to limit government that would help the “living” struggling to make it into middle class America.

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Religion and Politics from a Young Christian in Northern Virginia