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Democrat Candidate Jeremy McPike Fired African American Whistleblower

September 16th, 2013

On August 3, 2011, Alexandria Director of General Services Jeremy McPike fired Henry Lewis, the Senior Project Manager for a new Alexandria Police Facility, one of the largest construction projects ever funded by the city.  The reason for the firing and the resulting lawsuit has received growing attention over the last year.

The project was rolling well under Henry Lewis’s supervision until Jeremy McPike became more involved in directing the construction project.

As McPike took the reins, Lewis started to notice that Whiting-Turner, the contractor, began submitting suspect invoices for materials stored off-site which hadn’t been verified to actually exist.  They started to bill extra for work that should have been covered by the original contract.

McPike became actively involved in approving these invoices for phantom materials—totaling over $2 million.

One of the invoices that Lewis questioned was for a substantial sum of money and had been post-dated by McPikea week in the future. But time and again, Lewis’ concerns were silenced and McPike approved invoices and change orders over his project manager’s professional objections.

Other problems which Lewis tried to alert people about included wooden trusses delivered covered in mold and warped.

Alerting people to the misuse of taxpayer money did not make McPike happy.  When Henry Lewis refused to resign, McPike fired him.  This was in spite of Lewis’s outstanding work evaluations and long distinguished career as an architect.

Henry Lewis sued Jeremy McPike and the City of Alexandria, and in March of this year was awarded $450,000.00.

Ironically, while that lawsuit was still in court, Jeremy McPike was kicking off his campaign for House of Delegates.

You would think that Democrats would check if someone was being sued before supporting them for office.  It’s astonishing that they would support Jeremy McPike after he fired someone who exposed his corruption.  Corruption and firing whistleblowers should not lead to promotion, but apparently in the Democrat Party of Virginia it does.

Now that they are stuck with McPike, what they desperately don’t want you to know is that Henry Lewis is an African American.  Henry Lewis graduated from Howard University in 1977, and has had a long and distinguished career as an architect.

If a Republican fired an African American who was exposing corruption, that Republican would be infamous across the state.  However, because the liberal media need to further the myth that Republicans hate minorities while Democrats help and support them, they have yet to touch this story.

When you selectively feign outrage, and refuse to cover stories, it is easy to paint a narrative.

The next time a Democrat tells you about the Republican minority problem, ask them why they recruit corrupt candidates who fire African American whistleblowers.

The next time the Washington Post runs a story on corrupt Republicans doing crazy things, remember, this is the same paper who refuses to cover a major corruption story in their own backyard.

Is this the kind of delegate Terry McAuliffe wants on his team?

When Democrat leaders will compare Cuccinelli, who fought tirelessly to undo a wrongful conviction of an African American, to George Wallace, you know that for them race is simply a tool to bash Republicans, not something they truly care about.

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