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Supporting Orphans in Need During the Holiday Season

November 25th, 2012

During this time of year we often spend extra time remembering those in need.  One of our family’s favorite Christmas traditions was watching Scrooge at the Roanoke Civic Center.  One memorable moment in Dicken’s famous story “A Christmas Carol” occurs when two people raising money for the poor during Christmas time approach Ebeneezer Scrooge.

“Are there no prisons?” asked Scrooge. “Plenty of prisons,” said the gentleman, laying down the pen again. “And the Union workhouses?” demanded Scrooge. “Are they still in operation?” “They are. Still,” returned the gentleman, “I wish I could say they were not.” “The Treadmill and the Poor Law are in full vigour, then?” said Scrooge. “Both very busy, sir.” “:Oh! I was afraid, from what you said at first, that something had occurred to stop them in their useful course,” said Scrooge. “I’m very glad to hear it.” “Under the impression that they scarcely furnish Christian cheer of mind or body to the multitude,” returned the gentleman, “a few of us are endeavouring to raise a fund to buy the Poor some meat and drink, and means of warmth. We choose this time, because it is a time, of all others, when Want is keenly felt, and Abundance rejoices. What shall I put you down for?” “Nothing!” Scrooge replied. “You wish to be anonymous?” “I wish to be left alone,” said Scrooge. “Since you ask me what I wish, gentlemen, that is my answer. I don’t make merry myself at Christmas and I can’t afford to make idle people merry. I help to support the establishments I have mentioned: they cost enough: and those who are badly off must go there.” “Many can’t go there; and many would rather die.” “If they would rather die,” said Scrooge, “they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.” Seeing clearly that it would be useless to pursue their point, the gentlemen withdrew. Scrooge resumed his labours with an improved opinion of himself, and in a more facetious temper than was usual with him.

This year my parents have decided to do something few would consider when it comes to helping those in need.  They have decided to adopt two children who are both HIV+ from Russia through Reece’s Rainbow recent recipient of the Cultivate Wines charity grant.  Talk about a big heart and going above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to helping others.

Grab This!
 This won’t be an easy journey for them, but they are committed and stepping forward in faith.  Please read their story and support them through prayer and financially.  Be sure to check out there various fundraisers.  We are all looking for ways to help those in need during this season.  Please consider making a donation to a very tangible and direct effort.  A donation of just $25.00 or $50.00 can go along ways to supporting Mom and Dad with the paperwork and travel expenses associated with this Journey of Faith and Love.

A Wonderful Honeymoon in Cancun

November 15th, 2012

If you haven’t seen me online much, or I’ve been a bit busy, it is because following the elections I was getting ready for a trip to Cancun.  My parents blessed Sarah and I with the ability to go to Cancun, and many others blessed us with the ability to enjoy it just a bit more.  Thank you to everyone, and here are some pictures from the first part of the week.

The following are a number of pictures from the first part of our trip in which we took two incredible day trips.  All pictures are unedited, and 99% of them were taken by my talented wife.  (Essentially the pictures look really good because she took them, or because she is in them.)  Here is a quick sneak peak for my loyal blog readers.

The lovely Casa Maya hotel where we are staying.

If you are going to attend a timeshare presentation, attending one at one of the best resorts in the world sure is worth it.  This is the view from one of the penthouses at the Villa del Palmar.  The ridiculous prices they gave us on excursion tickets also made it incredibly worth it.

The view of the beach and ocean from our hotel room. I have never seen an ocean so blue before.

The mixed drinks in Mexico are easily and consistently the best I have had yet.

…and I was very glad to enjoy them with my wife.

Sarah looking beautiful as we head out on our boating and snorkeling expedition.

If you are in Cancun, you should take a trip with Samba Catamarans.  They do incredible all day trips which take you boating, snorkeling, swimming, shopping, and include a buffet and a chance to hold a shark.  You should also request the boat Mar.  The crew members were excellent tour leaders, and being on a small catamaran made for a very relaxing and enjoyable day.

Heading to Isla Mujeres from Cancun. We spent the day at the island and the waters around it. It is the northern part of the second largest barrier reef in the world.

Few things are as relaxing as being on a beautiful ocean with my lovely wife.

It is hard to capture in pictures the beauty of the blue water.

A picture of us with a nurse shark. We got a fellow tourista to get a picture since we rightly figured the tourguide was going to try to rip us off for a copy of the picture.

The dock at the inlet where we went shopping. Every tourguide brings you to his friends shops to go shopping. From the moment you try to leave the airport, Cancun is one big sales pitch, and they do an incredible and entertaining job of it.

…a beautiful place to relax in the middle of the day in Isla Mujeres.

Since many Mexicans sleep in hammocks, they know how make them very well. Mexican hammocks are much more comfortable and colorful than American hammocks.

…heading back from a colorful beach.

The sun setting over Cancun.

Our boat crew working hard as they let out all the sails and raced the other boats back to port.

Two worn out but very happy love birds.

The sun setting over Cancun as another catamaran sailed home. The colors were much more vivid in real life.

The map showing our route from Cancun to Chichen Itza in Yucatan, one of the wonders of the world.

The inside of a Mayan sink hole. We stopped multiple times to get a sense of Mayan culture along the way to the pyramid.

A Mayan burning incense. The water in the sink hole is kept very clean and pure. People are even asked not to wear sun screen if they are going to swim in the sink hole so that the water won’t become contaminated.

A Mayan weaving one of the hammocks. They are hand made and take about two days to make.

Mayans dancing while we enjoyed our buffet of local food. Mexicans and Mayans will do all kinds of creative things and ask for a tip. Tourists really do have a lot more money than most locals (many Mayans choose to work in the hotels for 5.00 dollar a day according to our tour guide.)

Some obsidian rock sculptures for sale. Obsidian is a very special rock to the Mayans. It forms from lava and is believed to be the blood of the earth. It is also said to contain energy and healing properties, and looks gold when in the light.

It is very interesting to see what Mayans think tourists will buy. At a different market I saw Mexican blankets with Patriots and other NFL and College Football logos.

A shot of the pyramid at Chichen Itza, one of the most important Mayan holy cities. The pyramid is an incredible architectural, mathematical, and astrological achievement.

The flower the Mayans used to paint many of the buildings in the city.

A happy couple at one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

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