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A Response to Dr. Baskerville’s Faith and Reason Lecture at Patrick Henry College

September 20th, 2013

I still remember her words.  They were parting words of wisdom from a mother from church at the party my parents threw me before I left for college. Internally, I scoffed.  However, it wasn’t long before she would be very right.  “Willie, just because you are going to a Christian college, it doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen.  Be aware and be careful.”  Internally I thought, “that may be true of other Christian schools, but Patrick Henry College is different.”  I had read the material.  PHC was better than all the other Christian colleges that had gone soft.  While people might do bad things at other Christian colleges, of course that wouldn’t really be true at PHC.

My naivete was quickly shaken…  When I arrived on campus I quickly heard the story of how students had smuggled alcohol on campus.  While I could write that off as “the past” there were definite rumors of off-campus students using drugs my freshman year as well.  (For non-PHC readers both activities are in blatant violation of the PHC honor code.)  Shortly after the school year ended, I found out that an unmarried couple attending the school that I was good friends with had had sex that spring semester.  It was the last straw to destroy my naivete in that area of life, and I began to understand reality.

In senior testimonies since then, I’ve heard students talk about struggles with depression, cutting, suicide, cheating, alcoholism, and even struggles with same-sex attraction – just to name a few.  I’ve talked with people desperate to get their family member to PHC to escape an abusive home situation.  I’ve prayed and talked with fellow students struggling with all kinds of things, and for me it has been a place of safety to share the very real struggles I have dealt with.  The reality is that PHC is a place filled with real people struggling with very real problems.  It’s amazing what fellow students will share when you dig below the surface.  I came to realize that the real naivete was to think that there issues PHC students didn’t struggle with or weren’t affected by.  Over time, I was no longer surprised when yet another story was shared of very real problems a student was wrestling through.  When I was no longer shocked by new stories, I was able to help and minister instead.

Numerous situations have shown me the grim reality of abuse and rape.  I’ve helped a homeschool student and pastor’s daughter escape from an abusive home.  I’ve spent hours talking with a mother whose daughter became pregnant from rape while in the military. She has been unable to even get recognition that she was raped from the military, courts, and government even though she carried the child to term.


When I saw the topic of Dr. Baskerville’s Faith and Reason lecture, I was hopeful. Many young people are rejecting any sexual ethic and embracing license.  A balanced response to the growing acceptance of sexual license would be incredibly helpful.

While some Faith and Reason Lectures have gone over my head, I have learned a lot from many of them.  Dr. Mark Mitchell’s Fall 09 lecture made me think again about becoming a Theory Major, Dr. David VanDrunen’s lecture on the two kingdoms was a thought provoking piece on the role of the Christian in government, and Dr. Anthony Esolen’s lecture my final semester on love and human interaction helped me more than any lecture I have ever heard.

However, in Dr. Baskerville’s lecture, I found a lecture unlike any other PHC Faith and Reason Lecture I had ever heard.

While others have talked about the historical inaccuracies, logical fallacies, and other flaws in the lecture, what struck me most was the way Dr. Baskerville dealt with the issues of rape and abuse.

The lecture is titled “Politicizing Potiphar’s Wife.”  One of Baskerville’s central arguments is that feminism and the new era of sexual license has lead to an increased and speedy criminalization of men over made up crimes.  While there have been horrible incidents of injustice against men, Baskerville takes his argument to an inflammatory extreme and refuses to recognize the injustices that men and the legal system have perpetrated against women as well.

In pages 16-20 of the lecture Baskerville talks about “new crimes and expanded redefinitions of existing crimes – all involving sexual relations.”  What follows are incredible references to rape, spousal abuse, and child abuse which which refuse to recognize that rape and abuse are a problem, and instead vilifies the victim who comes forward.

They play on the fear of sex crimes, but they redefine these politically to include not simply acts but heterodox political beliefs. The reality of the witch hunts thus bears no necessary relation to what is suggested by the inflammatory language and jargon:

  • “rape” that includes consensual relations and in most instances is no more than that;

  • domestic “violence” that involves no violence or any physical contact or threat of it;

  • sexual “harassment” that can mean anything from simple flirtation to unauthorized opinions about morality or politics;

  • “child abuse” that is routine parental discipline, or homeschooling, or concocted altogether to win advantage in divorce court;

  • “bullying” that involves criticism of the homosexual agenda or other differences of belief and opinion;

  • “stalking” that is forcibly divorced fathers trying to see their own children;and much more.

By the end of the second list of the “new crimes” he even manages TO minimize the growing problem of human trafficking.

  • Recreational sex in the evening turns into accusations of “rape” in the morning,even when it was entirely consensual. (This is especially rampant on college campuses.)

  • Demands for access to workplaces, universities, the military, and other previously male venues (accompanied with equally strident demands to engage there in female-only activities, such as pregnancy and breastfeeding) invite accusations of sexual “harassment” against the men when relations inevitably develop (and often turn sour), regardless of who initiates them.

  • Cohabitation and “no-fault” divorce are demanded to liberate women from“patriarchal” marriage but quickly generate accusations of male abandonment(even when the woman ends the marriage), as well as domestic “violence” and“child abuse,” in order to procure custody of children and the financial awards they bring.

  • The proclaimed right to raise children outside wedlock and without fathers to protect and discipline them soon turns into demands to prosecute adolescents and even children for “bullying” one another and eventually for more serious matters.

  • Defiant declarations that women do not need men for financial support quickly give way to demands to arrest and incarcerate without trial men who do not provide women with adequate income in the form of alimony or child support.

  • Assertions that women do not need men for protection soon produce hysterical outcries for intrusive police powers, innovative punishments, and expanded penal institutions to punish ever-proliferating and loosely-defined forms of “violence against women,” even when no physical contact or threat of it is involved.(Homosexuals are now mimicking this strategy.)

  • The demanded right to engage in homosexual acts and public sexual displays translates almost automatically into the power to arrest or otherwise stop the mouths of preachers, “bullies,” and anyone else who objects or ridicules or offends the “feelings” or “pride” of homosexuals.

  • Demands to legalize prostitution feed hysteria to find and prosecute unnamed“sex traffickers.”

While he may have a point with some of these crimes, there is no evidence, context, or qualifications.  The incredibly dismissive discussions about situations where very real crimes occur damages his case, and makes one wonder if he believes there are any legitimate sexual crimes against women.  Some of his points would be worth spending time to explain and discuss in a balanced manner.

He finishes his lists of “new crimes” with this fascinating statement.

Radical ideology has thus transformed our government into a matriarchal leviathan that operates like a massive, bureaucratic version of… Potiphar’s wife. We have not eliminated a “gender stereotype,” as we were promised; we have merely politicized it – in this case that of the temptress, the seductress who lures men into a“honey trap” by offers of pleasure before springing a trap that today can mean decades in prison.

In Baskerville’s construct where the state is a willing participation in the sexual liberation movement’s incarceration of men, a movement which he argues has produced its own gulags, the crimes are minimized, the system is completely rigged against men, and victims are ignored and maligned.

The “new crimes” are referred to as “quasi crimes”, “vague but opprobrious terms”, “open-ended terms like “abuse” and “exploitation””, “…the crime is often defined subjectively”, and “undefined new crimes.”  Perhaps the best reference is the statement, “Until recently, no one had ever heard of most of these crimes and even now no one really understands what they mean because no definition exists.”  I’m sure the legislators who have spent time defining these crimes, and the courts that interpret those definitions are all equally in the dark about the meaning of these crimes.  Every reference to these crimes is one which minimizes their significance.

People the state, rightly or wrongly considers a perpetrator, he universally refers to as victims of the state.  He accuses the state of incarcerating “vast numbers of men and some women who have no inkling that they are committing a crime.”  “Convictions and high conviction rates are presented as goals to be pursued for their own sake.”  “Proceedings are rigged.”  “Yet the accused are given no equivalent advocate-witnesses to testify for them.” “…makes fair trials impossible for those actually accused of belonging to these categories. Accusations quickly become available as weapons to be used in personal and political vendettas. Patently false accusations are processed because they rationalize budgets of feminized and sexualized law-enforcement agencies by turning law-abiding citizens into safe, nonviolent criminals for female and homosexual police persons to arrest.”  Every reference to the convicted and accused is that they are victims, and every reference to the injustice of the court system is in reference to those who are accused.  The idea that there may be injustices in the court system against those who have been the victims of abuse and rape does not even enter the lecture.  He has no place for those acts as real crimes, and, saddest of all, in this lecture the victims of abuse and rape are not victims but participants in the injustice.

This leads to the saddest category, his description of the victims of abuse and rape.  The marginalization of these crimes, and the unbridled defense of those who commit them do quite a bit to put victims of abuse and rape in a difficult position.  Painting victims as being complicit in a government effort to incarcerate men on the basis of “new crimes” makes it harder to come forward.

On top of that, Baskerville continues to describe “the accuser” as one whose sense of feeling offended makes the accused guilty by definition.  He then makes the most damaging accusation against the victims of abuse, or “accusers” as he likes to call them.  “Accusers can profit financially by their accusations, by looting the accused, even without supplying any proof of a crime.”

When I finished the lecture and Baskerville’s description of the new sex crimes, the first thought that came to mind was,does hearing this lecture make it harder for the victims of abuse and rape to come forward and pursue justice?  It didn’t take much thought to realize the answer was an overwhelming, Yes.  When one is painted as an active participant in an injustice simply for accusing someone of a sex crime, the likelihood they will stay silent when abused skyrockets.

It was only a couple months ago that I saw these negative stereotypes of victims play out.  Four months ago, a friend filed a lawsuit in which she claimed that a very prominent man in her community abused her.  Everyone who interacted with her recognized her as someone who is professional and credible.  However, when I shared a couple of articles about the case and my support for her during a very tough time, the response from a number of men was incredible.  People who didn’t even know my friend vilified her for bringing the case, and I was attacked for supporting my friend.  Interestingly, their arguments could have come straight from an advance copy of this lecture, had it existed.

The immediate discrediting, vilification, and ridiculing of my friend is something far too many victims face when they come forward.  Perpetuating incredibly one sided views of sex crimes, perpetrators/accused, and victims/accusers does not help the pursuit of justice when crimes are committed.


Helpful Sources

Democrat Candidate Jeremy McPike Fired African American Whistleblower

September 16th, 2013

On August 3, 2011, Alexandria Director of General Services Jeremy McPike fired Henry Lewis, the Senior Project Manager for a new Alexandria Police Facility, one of the largest construction projects ever funded by the city.  The reason for the firing and the resulting lawsuit has received growing attention over the last year.

The project was rolling well under Henry Lewis’s supervision until Jeremy McPike became more involved in directing the construction project.

As McPike took the reins, Lewis started to notice that Whiting-Turner, the contractor, began submitting suspect invoices for materials stored off-site which hadn’t been verified to actually exist.  They started to bill extra for work that should have been covered by the original contract.

McPike became actively involved in approving these invoices for phantom materials—totaling over $2 million.

One of the invoices that Lewis questioned was for a substantial sum of money and had been post-dated by McPikea week in the future. But time and again, Lewis’ concerns were silenced and McPike approved invoices and change orders over his project manager’s professional objections.

Other problems which Lewis tried to alert people about included wooden trusses delivered covered in mold and warped.

Alerting people to the misuse of taxpayer money did not make McPike happy.  When Henry Lewis refused to resign, McPike fired him.  This was in spite of Lewis’s outstanding work evaluations and long distinguished career as an architect.

Henry Lewis sued Jeremy McPike and the City of Alexandria, and in March of this year was awarded $450,000.00.

Ironically, while that lawsuit was still in court, Jeremy McPike was kicking off his campaign for House of Delegates.

You would think that Democrats would check if someone was being sued before supporting them for office.  It’s astonishing that they would support Jeremy McPike after he fired someone who exposed his corruption.  Corruption and firing whistleblowers should not lead to promotion, but apparently in the Democrat Party of Virginia it does.

Now that they are stuck with McPike, what they desperately don’t want you to know is that Henry Lewis is an African American.  Henry Lewis graduated from Howard University in 1977, and has had a long and distinguished career as an architect.

If a Republican fired an African American who was exposing corruption, that Republican would be infamous across the state.  However, because the liberal media need to further the myth that Republicans hate minorities while Democrats help and support them, they have yet to touch this story.

When you selectively feign outrage, and refuse to cover stories, it is easy to paint a narrative.

The next time a Democrat tells you about the Republican minority problem, ask them why they recruit corrupt candidates who fire African American whistleblowers.

The next time the Washington Post runs a story on corrupt Republicans doing crazy things, remember, this is the same paper who refuses to cover a major corruption story in their own backyard.

Is this the kind of delegate Terry McAuliffe wants on his team?

When Democrat leaders will compare Cuccinelli, who fought tirelessly to undo a wrongful conviction of an African American, to George Wallace, you know that for them race is simply a tool to bash Republicans, not something they truly care about.

The Promise of Companionship

August 5th, 2013

If there is one thing that unites humanity, it is the problem of suffering and evil.  Every person will suffer, face death, and see others do the same.  Riches, title, race, gender, place of birth, etc does not change the fact that, while the forms and extent may be radically different, every human will face suffering and evil.

In light of this fact, God has one of the most incredible promises, “He will not leave you or forsake you.”

Psalm 23 has been a comfort to Christians through the ages, and in it we see the same promise made.  While the psalmist reflects on how God leads him to times of beauty and peace, he doesn’t become angry with God that the valley of the shadow of death comes.  Instead he finds comfort that God is with him during that inevitable time.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
they comfort me.

This is the comfort of the Christian.  Not that we will escape trouble, but that in the trials we will face, we have a companion who is a comforter, protector, and savior.  While there may be a number of unknowable reasons for our trials, through Christ we have strength in our trouble like no one else can.

This reality is pictured in the Lord of the Rings through Galadriel’s gift to Frodo.  In the movies, the Elf Queen states, “I give you the light of Eärendil, our most beloved star. May it be a light for you in dark places, when all other lights go out.”  Some jokingly wonder why the eagles aren’t summoned in the Lord of the Rings to fly the hobbits to Mount Doom and avoid the dangers that await on the journey.  However, instead of an escape from the the trouble ahead, Frodo is given help for the trouble that will come.

As the story progresses, it becomes the light by which he can see the path ahead, a light so radiant that evil retreats from it, and the light which enables his friend Sam to rescue him from the giant spider Shelob.

As we are willing to look up to God and open our hands to His gifts instead of only seeing our troubles and clenching our hands in anger and frustration, we find one of the most incredible ways to face the trials that will come.  There is nothing better than having God as your shepherd.

For my friends who can’t believe that God could be present during senseless evil.  I understand.  I’ve been there too.  Please take the time to read the two short stories at this link.

Downticket Fundraising: Obenshain Obliterates and Jackson Keeps Pace

July 16th, 2013

Today at 5:00 PM political nerds in Virginia started looking through campaign filing reports.  Candidates for office in 2013 filed reports for the period from May 30th to June 30th.

Mark Obenshain obliterated Mark Herring in fundraising.  Obenshain more than doubled Herring $479,914 to $206,360.  His Cash on Hand is almost four times as much as Herring’s: $487,044 to $127,680.

This is also a historic record for the same time frame.

Obenshain’s June Fundraising in Context

Jerry Kilgore (2001): $255,318
Don McEachin (2001): $140,415
Bob McDonnell (2005): $178,475
Creigh Deeds (2005): $151,035
Ken Cuccinelli (2009): $291,704 (previous record)
Steve Shannon (2009): $284,733
Mark Obenshain (2013): $479,916

Obenshain is running a steady on message and aggressive campaign.  He is working hard and getting the job done.  While the left is busy tying Cuccinelli to a falling governor, and trying to call a refreshingly honest African American extreme, they have largely left Obenshain to steadily become the best bet of the three to win.

While we need all three to win, recent court decisions make the Attorney General office a crucial office for defending conservative laws.  In light of the Supreme Court’s Prop 8 ruling, an Attorney General who refuses to defend a law in court almost insures the law will be struck down.

Obenshain is a principled conservative who unites the party and is working hard to win in November.  This historic fundraising is yet another encouraging sign from a very well run campaign.

Almost equally amazing is the LG race.  As the “extreme” candidate, and a political neophyte running against a veteran state senator, Jackson was supposed to be the one blown out of the water.  Instead Jackson is neck and neck with Northam.

Northam has $106,184 COH while Jackson has $90,025.  While many have worried that Jackson would crater in the general election, running neck and neck with Northam should be an encouraging sign of what could be a November surprise.

Jackson and Martin are Right: Planned Parenthood’s African American Genocide Makes the KKK Look Insignificant

May 31st, 2013

In the effort to paint Jackson as the most extreme candidate in history, the Democrats and their media allies have latched onto the following statement:

“The Democrat Party has created an unholy alliance between certain so-called  civil rights leaders and Planned Parenthood, which has killed unborn black  babies by the tens of millions. Planned Parenthood has been far more lethal to  black lives than the KKK ever was.”

Senator Steve Martin took to facebook to defend the Lieutenant Governor Nominee’s statement.

A critical analysis on the truth of EW’s condemned statement, would have to conclude its accuracy… There is in fact an alliance that the democrat party oversees and assures, between people who refer to themselves as civil rights leaders and Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was in fact established by Margaret Sanger for the primary purpose of killing black babies (she said so herself in recorded statements). And, it has been successful in carrying out its original mission, killing tens of millions of black babies. And as such, it has been far more lethal to black lives than the KKK (another original creation of the democrat party in the south) ever was. click here for full statement

This brought him under fire from the media for daring to compare the liberals most sacred organization to one of the most racist organizations in U.S. history.

Since some are rather intent on vilifying the messenger, let’s take a look at the truth of the statements made.

The Klu Klux Klan is a racist organization that lynched many people for being black or sympathizing with blacks.  That is detestable.

That said, let’s look at the numbers…

Walter Hoye, founder and president of the Issues4Life Foundation, shared those statistics at a press conference on Tuesday where Black clergy and other leaders gathered in response to the guilty verdict in the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who was convicted of murdering three newborn babies.

“Right now to give some of us just a perspective of the impact of abortion on demand in the Black community, according to the archives of the Tuskegee Institute, from 1882 to 1968 — 86 years — the Ku Klux Klan lynched 3,446 Negroes,” Hoye said. “While it took the Klan 86 years to accomplish this, abortion on demand in America accomplishes that in less than four days.”  full analysis of the numbers can be found at this site.

Another report looked at the annual number of African-Americans aborted and found the following comparable statistics based off of CDC numbers and the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute.

Abortion is the number one killer of black lives in the United States. More than HIV. More than diabetes. More than heart disease. More than cancer. Abortion snuffs out more black lives than all other causes of death, combined (according to the CDC). Using statistics from 2008 (because that is the most recent year available which provides nationwide abortion stats), there were 363,705 abortions in the black community. According to pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, this number represents 30% (the percentage of black abortions) of the nation’s 1,212,350 abortions in 2008. All other causes of death amounted to 285,522.  full details can be found here.

Watch the following video, and tell me based on numbers that Jackson and Martin are wrong.  If they aren’t, you should be just as outraged as they are.


Michael Futrell Equates Campaigning with Sacrificing One’s Life in the Military

May 28th, 2013

Yesterday America celebrated Memorial Day.  We remembered the incredible sacrifice our armed services and their families have made of time, hardship, and their own lives to preserve the freedoms we enjoy.  We partied, we rested, and we remembered.

Well, everyone except Michael Futrell.  You would think that someone running to represent a district that includes Quantico Marine Base would take a moment to remember the profound sacrifices made by the U.S. Marine Corps as they won many crucial battles while preserving our freedom.

Instead, many in Eastern Prince William County were astonished to see the following message posted all day long on Michael Futrell’s campaign fb page.

Who is up for knocking some doors today?!!! With your help, we will win the election one neighborhood at a time!

Really?  On the day when we are thanking people for sacrificing for our freedoms, you ask people to “sacrifice” to knock doors for you, and never think to thank those who sacrificed by giving their lives so you had the freedom to campaign?  How can Michael Futrell cheapen the real sacrifice of life, limb, and family members that we are remembering today?

Memorial Day is when most Americans talked or listened to people talk about the incredible sacrifices our military has made to protect our freedom.  Michael Futrell wants to represent Quantico, the crossroads of the Marine Corps.  He can’t find the time to say anything about the military, and on the day America uses the word “sacrifice” to refer to the heroism of our military, he uses it to ask people to volunteer for his campaign.

I guess Futrell is so busy “Moving Virginia’s Future Forward” he can’t take a moment to remember the past.

I wonder how people responded when Futrell and his friends “sacrificed” today and bothered people when they were having picnics with their friends…

As a parting thought, here is Mark Dudenhefer’s Memorial Day Greeting.

Dear Neighbor,

Blessed. That is the first work that comes to my mind when I reflect on Memorial Day and all that it means.

In the Bible, Jesus shares with us one of many profound messages in John 15:13 – “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” How blessed are we to have had countless men and women display what Christ describes as the greatest display of love for another defending our freedom?

As you relax, visit with loved ones, and enjoy the sunshine, I hope you will join me in reflecting on how blessed we are in America and in the Commonwealth. Especially, those that laid down their lives for us. Freedom is a gift that we all enjoy every day. We must not forget that it comes at a great cost. I also hope that you will join me in praying for the future of our Nation and for those that are defending our freedom and our livelihood today.

May you and your loved ones have a safe and memorable Memorial Day.

Mark Dudenhefer
Delegate, 2nd District

Update: At 5am the day after Memorial Day, Futrell posted something about our armed forces.  Looks like I’ve gotten him to delete issue pages off his website, and update his fb page.

Mark Obenshain and the Truth About SB 962: Extremist or Gotcha Politics?

May 24th, 2013

Democrats are excited that they have found their chance to paint Mark Obenshain as an “extreme” “uncaring” right winger.  If you listen to his detractors, Mark believes in throwing women in jail for not reporting their miscarriage to the police within 24 hours.

Upon further review, this is actually a situation of seeing a problem, trying to fix it, but then withdrawing the legislation when no solution was available.

So what was the problem?  In May of 2008, a woman in Rockingham Co. entered a plea agreement of counseling, one year probation, and a 30 day suspended sentence for having thrown her newborn baby in the trash.  Because the body was never found, and no evidence was found to counteract the woman’s claim that the baby was stillborn, this was the maximum sentence possible.  In light of this incident, the Commonwealth’s Attorney Marsha Garst stated, “I entered that plea deal with great reluctance, but because of the current status of the laws in the United States and the Commonwealth, as well as the lack of evidence in this case, and that we never recovered a body, it was necessary in order to preserve a conviction.”

Naturally since Mark Obenshain’s district includes Rockingham Co., she went to him to try to get the law changed.  Mark received this request almost right before session and worked with the Commowealth’s Attorney and others on the original draft.  The bill he introduced was flawed and he understood that which is why he had absolutely no intention of letting it pass in the form it was introduced.  Mark introduced the bill with the plan of using it as a vehicle to address the problem.  He then met with every women’s group he could including NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and the Family Foundation to try to amend the legislation to address the problem.  The conclusion of these meetings was a realization that any language that would address the problem would have unacceptable unintended consequences.

What was Mark’s response?  He did what every responsible legislator who unsuccessfully tries to address a problem does.  Before any vote was taken on the bill, the bill was “stricken at the request of the patron.

So what was so wrong with what Mark did here?  Is there anything wrong with introducing a flawed piece of legislation in order to amend it to fix a problem?  Of course not.  That happens all the time in politics.  Mark Obenshain was not going to allow legislation to throw women in prison for not reporting a miscarriage to move forward.  The only reason that after four years, this legislation is being discussed again is that a certain party is trying to twist Mark’s record to paint him as extreme.  If the best they can come up with is a bill that he asked be killed, then they are clearly more interested in gotcha politics than pursuing the truth.

For a full statement from Obenshain’s office on the legislation, see below.

“At the request of one of his local Commonwealth’s Attorneys, Senator Obenshain carried legislation (SB 962 of 2009) dealing with a specific law enforcement issue. As sometimes happens, the legislation that emerged was far too broad, and would have had ramifications that neither he nor the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office ever intended. Senator Obenshain is strongly against imposing any added burden for women who suffer a miscarriage, and that was never the intent of the legislation. He explored possible amendments to address the bill’s unintended consequences, and met with representatives of both Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice in an attempt to identify a solution. Ultimately, however, he was not satisfied that any amendment could sufficiently narrow the scope of the bill to eliminate these unintended consequences, so he had the bill stricken at his own request.”

Corey Stewart Continues to Skirt the Law in Upcoming Jackson Attacks

May 14th, 2013

In March we had two waves of anonymous attacks on Scott Lingamfelter followed by some anonymous attacks on Snyder which Jim Riley rather convincingly tied to Stewart.  The beginning of this month two sets of mailers went out under the name of a defunct group named Virginians for Limited Government, attacking many of the candidates and promoting Stewart.  In this situation it was obvious who the mailers were from, and the anonymous attacks continued.  Breitbart ran an article highlighting the highly questionable legality of the Virginians for Limited Government attack pieces.

Now, this is something important to remember, the only people with original access to the addresses, phone numbers, and emails of convention delegates are the campaigns.  So any third party groups contacting convention delegates got their list from a campaign.

Over the weekend, Stewart’s newest line of attack was revealed.  He sees E.W. Jackson as a threat, and has been trying to get people to attack E.W. based on his past bankruptcies.

On Saturday morning I was contacted by a reporter about a document of opposition research he had received about E.W. Jackson’s financial history.  From the email and the properties document on the file, it was clear that this document was created Friday morning, May 10, and forwarded to the reporter.  When I talked to the reporter, I immediately asked if he got the research from Corey, he admitted that he did when I pressed him.

That afternoon, I received an anonymous email from a vatruthsquad2000@gmail.com which released another document of information about tax information on Jackson.  Besides the content, the email also caught my eye because, while it is a different address, it has the same moniker as the vile anti-Stimpson email sent out at the beginning of the month.

As I started researching the Stewart campaigns effort to discredit Jackson based on his financial history, I discovered something even more disturbing. Multiple sources confirmed to me that over the weekend Corey Stewart personally contacted third party groups offering to pay the $12,000.00 if they would send out a $10,000.00 mailer to the convention delegates attacking E.W. for his financial history.  While I am told, that Stewart was turned down by some, I am also told he eventually found someone who agreed.  If you find an anonymous mailer in your mailbox right before the convention, or even after the convention, if the mailer gets stuck in the mail, you will know who it is from.

While I both trust my sources, and generally hate anonymous blog commenters,  I find it interesting that while I was working on verifying sources for this article, an anonymous commenter named, TheGipper, started posting essentially the same story on multiple blogs.

I won’t attempt to be a state campaign law expert, but it sure seems like what Corey has been doing with the anonymous videos/calls, the VLG mailer, and the Jackson attack line is skirting the law.  Virginia’s campaign finance system is built on unlimited money but absolute transparency in disclosing expenditures and donors.  When organizations and campaigns are working hard to conceal donors and expenditures, it sure seems like they are undermining the purpose and premise of the state’s campaign finance system.

Scott Lingamfelter is a Man of Character and Conviction

May 12th, 2013

A couple weeks ago, I attended a Democrat candidate forum.  Astonishingly in Northern Virginia, Scott Lingamfelter is more despised by Liberals than Ken Cuccinelli is.  While every candidate made it clear that they disliked the Attorney General, the hisses and cat calls at the mention of the name “Scott Lingamfelter” were shocking.  They know him as someone who fights aggressively for conservative principles.

Scott Lingamfelter is a man of conviction, and his unapologetic fight for conservative principles is what makes liberals hate him, independent support him, and conservative like myself excited to vote for him this coming Saturday.

I grew up tracking legislation in the VA General Assembly, and noticed early on that Scott regularly sponsored or cosponsored legislation I supported.  In 2011, I had the opportunity to work with Scott when I worked on Jeff Frederick’s campaign.  Scott is a man of incredible loyalty.  When he told Jeff he supported him, he didn’t just offer an endorsement quote, he did everything he could to help Jeff win a crucial race.  I also had the opportunity to view him up close and was impressed by his view of the role of government, his understanding of state issues, and his strategic and aggressive approach to campaigning.

His loyalty and record is why almost every conservative leader in Prince William County is supporting Scott.  They know he is a man of integrity, and a conservative with strong convictions.

It is impossible for anyone to have a record of public service that everyone will agree with 100%, but when viewed as a whole, Scott’s record is that of a conservative warrior.  Scott is the leader in the House of Delegates on the 2nd Amendment.  He is unashamedly pro-life and believes in the importance of traditional marriage.  He is one of the House leaders on school choice.  He is constantly looking for ways to make government more efficient, this is why he introduced the bill to audit VDOT.

Did I mention that when Republicans wanted to restrict a farmers right to use their own land, he fought hard this last session against the establishment for private property owners?  Scott’s committed fight for conservative principles is why conservative leaders like Brenda Pogge, and Dick Black are standing with Scott.

Scott Lingamfelter is a natural born leader, having served in the General Assembly for 12 years he has been the go to guy when it comes to protecting out 2nd Amendment rights. Scott spent considerable time protecting all of our God-given rights during a career in the Army that spanned 28 years! As a matter of fact, former Congressmen Colonel Allen West said, “I would have followed that man to theends of the earth.” Allen West served under Scott’s command and has personally endorsed him! I’ve known Scott for 10 years and have served in the House of Delegates with him for 6 years. He sits behind me and I know that he always “has my back.” In the “Amen Corner” of the chamber where he and I sit we call him “The Colonel.” He is a bulldog and I literally can see Scott Lingamfelter presiding over the Senate more than any other candidate for Lieutenant Governor. ~Brenda Pogge

You should listen to other people who have worked with Scott over the years.

While he has had to respond to some of the underhanded negative attacks leveled at him, as a man of character, Scott has run a clean issues driven race.

He is a campaigner who gets Democrats and independents to vote for him.  He sticks unwaveringly to his convictions, and understands how to lead.  I look forward to supporting Scott Lingamfelter as LG and I hope you will join me on Saturday.

Corey Stewart: “I’m Not A Witch” ..or Drunk or…

May 4th, 2013

Today was Corey Stewart’s day of denials.  Instead of being effective, it put him in the company of Christine O’Donnell.  Today I received an email from Corey Stewart in which he wanted everyone to know he isn’t a drunkard.

“I’ve had ridiculous claims made against me before. False accusations are what some political operatives rely on when they lack a positive agenda and real ideas. But even I was a little surprised at being called a drunk Catholic. Yes, I am a Catholic. No, I’m not a drunk Catholic.

In fact, let’s clear the air: I’ve never been on the wrong side of the law. I’m happily married with two great sons. My life’s record as an employee and an employer is unblemished. And, while I have compassion for those who struggle with addictions, I’ve never undergone treatment for alcohol or drugs. There’s no place in Virginia politics for the kind of false personal attacks that have been leveled at me in recent days.”

First rule of politics, is not to talk about things you want ignored.  Like Christine O’Donnell, who told us “I’m not a witch,” now we all know Corey Stewart “isn’t” a drunkard.

Honestly Corey’s denial of what everyone in Prince William County already knows rings as true as his denial of the anonymous attacks.  You see, Virginians are seeing through the lies that make up Corey’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor, and it seem like he is becoming unhinged.

Read the full email to see him deny all at once, almost every allegation thrown against him including meeting Monica Lewinsky and traveling to Argentina.

(As an aside it is interesting he doesn’t deny being behind the anonymous attacks.  He probably doesn’t want to lie about that too many times.)

Honestly, Corey’s denials and senseless attacks on others are so bad, it’s almost like he is trying to abort his own campaign.

UPDATE: Some have been saying that I am attacking Corey Stewart for being drunk.  Those people probably didn’t take the time to read this post.  What happened was an anonymous email that I have yet to see was sent out sharing what many in Northern Virginia have seen for years, Corey has a propensity for getting drunk and while intoxicated doing and saying embarrassing things.  In response to this and many other allegations, Corey sent an email entitled “We Saw It Coming” in which he takes paragraphs to tell everyone that he doesn’t get drunk.  I am not in any way arguing that Corey has done anything illegal, but the idea that Corey sent an email to deny getting drunk is worth many a laugh.

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